Most Valuable Apps In The World

6. QSFFStats (Price: $999.99)

This is one of those applications that don’t offer much to the extent usefulness is concerned and still has such an enormous sticker price. QSFFStats was propelled in 2011 and no-nonsense football fans may discover this application helpful. It helps keep them refreshed with the details for every one of the passing classes and furthermore transfer play-by-play details through email. Truly, that is whatever it can enable you to do on the off chance that you are prepared to pay 999.99 for it.

7. The Alchemist SMS (Price: $999.99)

On the off chance that you are a piece of the metal business, especially in scrap reusing and administration, and have an Apple cell phone then the Alchemist application will demonstrate valuable for you. This program worth $999.99 enables clients to know how they can decrease the crude material expenses effectively. The Alchemist application has numerous apparatuses that will help with administration of the metal stock like sending out and bringing in steel indexes, and significantly more.

8. Firearm Bros Apathy Bear (Price: $600)

In spite of the fact that GunBro is essentially a free gaming application for iPad and iPhone clients, you can make an in-application buy that will cost you more than you can ever envision. Glu Games, the diversion engineer made a unique character known as Apathy Bear, which you can get by burning through $600. This character at the same time can discharge 11 shots and each shot can bargain 4,000 harm focuses. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are a genuine gamer this can give you an edge over others and merits putting resources into.’

9. DDS GP Yes! (Cost: $499.99)

In the event that you are a dental specialist then this DDS GP Yes! application will unquestionably turn out to be of extraordinary intrigue and help to you. This application for the iPads and iPhones is in reality expensive however will help make it simple for you to disclose treatment wants to your patients utilizing educational visual showcase. It offers more than 200 exhibitions and you can utilize them as and when required. The systems incorporate treatment for splits, tooth rots, restorative dentistry, dental medical procedures, and much more.


10. iDIA – Diagnostic Imaging Atlas (Price: $399.99)

In the event that you are a pet proprietor who has little pets or you work with creatures however don’t have much information of creature illnesses then this application will turn out to be extremely useful for you. The Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal expenses $399.99, which is an immense sum, yet it offers creature specialists and proprietors with a graphical and point by point clarification of numerous determinations. It utilizes excellent designs and can without much of a stretch help you comprehend what the issue with your little companion is in a matter of seconds by any means.









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