Russian Tennis Female Player Hot

1. Anna Ivanovic

profile-home-cut_1 Russian Tennis Female Player Hot

Anna Ivanovic is thought to be another Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova because of her beguiling magnificence that has in every case more than kept men intrigued by ladies’ tennis. She is a six footer who is likewise a Serbian expert tennis player. She has already held the main spot in the Women’s Tennis Association or WTA.

2. Maria Sharapova

Maria-Sharapova Russian Tennis Female Player Hot

Miss Sharapova is the present holder of the number three position in the singles titles. She likewise has numerous different significant demonstrating assignments like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. Her blend of magnificence and fantastic ability has enchanted us into allowing her the second spot in our rundown of the most sizzling tennis players from Russia.

3. Maria Kirilenko

31236815192_b9f4a0b5ce_b Russian Tennis Female Player Hot


Maria is a strikingly perfect blonde in an awesome manner, who was conceived in Moscow. Her flawless body has seen her through the Swimsuit Edition of 2009. She has likewise been to numerous popular magazines like Vogue and even postured for Sports Illustrated. She possibly one of the less mainstream delightful Russians yet her mold sense and excellence are certainly wonderful interestingly.

4. Anna Kournikova

anna_kournikova_01-1200x900 Russian Tennis Female Player Hot

Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova is a resigned tennis player. She is broadly known, not for her tennis but rather her captivating excellence. At her opportunity, stadiums loaded up with on edge observers who supported her in spite of her absence of diversion. She is an individual from Famous Russians, Famous Annas among others.

5. Elena Dementieva

elena-dementieva Russian Tennis Female Player Hot

Elena Dementieva is an as of late resigned Russian cutie who figured out how to be number 4 in ladies’ tennis. She is constantly finish at pulling off that student hot blonde look charmingly. She is additionally a standout amongst the most all around carried on and provocative Tennis player. Her magnificence has seen her show up on the most famous magazines like Vogue.

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