Accused Gems and Diamonds

6. Priam’s Treasure

op-16 Accused Gems and Diamonds

This is an arrangement of reviled gems. It was lost after the world war and the misfortune really turned out to be advantageous to Turkey.

7. The Koh-i-Noor Diamond

koh-i-noor-diamond Accused Gems and Diamonds

This revile is on guys. All its male proprietors confronted different money related misfortunes. Some likewise lost their positions of royalty. In spite of the fact that it is presently in the crown of Queen Elizabeth, it got no inconvenience to her.

8. Lydian Hord

op-19 Accused Gems and Diamonds

This is a wide accumulation of adornments. It was wrongfully acquired from turkey however its revile begun finishing lives. sooner, the proprietor returned it to the country.

9. Delhi Purple Sapphire Ring 

op-11 Accused Gems and Diamonds

A gallery in London is the home for this piece. Its past proprietors endured budgetary emergencies and restorative issues. The entire illustrious family was left down and out to death.

10. The Hope Diamond

op-10 Accused Gems and Diamonds

This blue pearl worths a fourth of a $1B. This is the most acclaimed precious stone on the planet. Whosoever possesses the precious stone faces a heartbreaking end or destroys their life to limits.

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