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Gorgeous Islands on Earth

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

four-seasons-borabora Gorgeous Islands on Earth

Image Credit: Google Images

The South Pacific’s tiara crown, Bora is known for its multi-shaded waters, stunningly wonderful tidal ponds, flourishing marine life and scrumptious sustenance. From going on perpetual climbing trails through its emerald studded rainforests to plunging/swimming in its reef-favored waters, there’s a considerable measure to do here. In the event that you are feeling especially rich, remain at an over the water cabin, as the sound of the delicate waves put you to rest.


4694624529_b004271b2b_b Gorgeous Islands on Earth

Image Credit: Google Images

Known as the Garden Isle, Kaua’i has essentially all that you’d look for in tropical heaven and that’s just the beginning. Rainforest encrusted insides, tumbling white cascades, emotional magma precipices and the overwhelming aroma of blossoms are inescapable here. Its rich regular profile contains sensationally wonderful marine animals and brilliant jumping conditions. Kaua’i isn’t as touristy as Maui or Oahu, which is the reason it has a tendency to oozes a more casual, restful vibe. Visit Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon and the view from the emotional Hanalei Bay bluffs.

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