Hottest doctor in the world

6. Dr Travis Stork

Dr.-Travis-Stork Hottest doctor in the world

Dr. Travis Stork an American doctor may be recognizable to you ­ indeed, he has showed up on the eighth period of the show ­ you may have found out about it, “The Bachelor”. Presently, he stars and has a therapeutic television show “The Doctors”. Travis is a board­certified crisis medication doctor.






7. Dr. Leo

Dr.-Leo Hottest doctor in the world

With a face of a model and body of a rec center coach, Dr. Leo a Portuguese South African crisis specialist is the thing that most young ladies dreams are made of. As indicated by his Instagram bio, Leo has an European personality, African central core. He has likewise committed and invested a ton of energy doing some philanthropic work.







8. Dr. Stacey Naito

Dr.-Stacey-Naito Hottest doctor in the world

Likely one of the most sweltering female specialists on the planet, Dr. Stacey Naito is a board guaranteed family practice doctor with exceptional accentuation in recovery drug, stylish, dermatology, weight the executives, hormone balance/anti­aging. The excellent specialist is likewise an IFBB Bikini Pro and a distributed style/wellness spread model.

9. Dr. Sonia Batra

download Hottest doctor in the world

Dr. Sonia Batra ­ a Los Angeles local, is a Mohs partnership ­trained, board­ ensured dermatologist with preparing from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford. Observe, she graduated right on time from Harvard as a Magna Cum Laude. The female dermatologist is likewise an incessant media master ­ she has showed up close by Dr. Travis Stork in a portion of the scenes of “The Doctors”.

10. Dr. Nina Chaya

Lebanese-physician-Nina-Chaya Hottest doctor in the world

Lebanese doctor Nina Chaya positively satisfies her Instagram handle “Glitz Doc”. Dr. Nina, as per her profile ­ “a specialist by day and a cosmetics enthusiast by night” is really a board confirmed anesthesiologist in San Diego, California. You can look at Dr. Nina’s Instagram page for some cosmetics looks or motivation which exhibits her rad cosmetics aptitudes and her day by day educational encounters as a specialist.

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